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misc_lims's Journal

Miscellaneous LIMS
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Welcome to misc_lims!

This community was originally inspired by ultimate_lims (who got their idea from disney_hush). This is a LIMS contest, which stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. It is run by me, neuilly. This community is open to everyone, provided that you can take being eliminated and having your icons critiqued. Icon makers of all levels are welcome. Each challenge will feature a miscellaneous picture such as a sunflower, and old man on a bench, the eiffel tower, etc. This will not contain celebrities or films.


1. Join the community because you need to be a member to participate. I wouldn't want you missing any important information!

2. Sign up here. When you do sign-up please out the word "island" in your comment somewhere so I know you've read the rules. You will be given FIVE days to create an icon for each round. Currently there is no deadline for sign-ups since the ending of challenge 2 can't be pinpointed yet...but sign up right away to be safe!

3. You must enter every challenge! If you are going to be away during one of the challenges, e-mail me or leave a comment and I will give you the photo ahead of time. You will still have only FIVE days to get the icon to me from when I send you the picture. If for some reason you fail to enter a contest by the deadline, you will be disqualified.

4. After the entries are in for each round there will be a poll. You are to vote for your LEAST favorite icon (s). This is not meant to be a personal opinion of the icons but which you feel is the lesser quality icon. Those with the most votes (number will vary from round to round) will be eliminated from the competition. You do have to provide a short explanation for why you voted for the icons you do. The comments will be given to the icon makers if requested (but your names will be removed!)

5. You may only use the image provided for each round. Stock images, textures, etc. will be allowed. Entries are to be anonymous and should not be posted anywhere until round is completely over and the votes tallied. Any violation of this rule will result in elimination.

Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the most recent post if you have anything to say.

Affiliates: (if are interested in affiliating please leave a comment here!